snowmobile kola peninsula murmansk region russian lapland Snow mobile safari 'Ramzai Pass' In the centre of Kola Peninsula Khibiny Tundra
snowmobile kola peninsula murmansk region russian lapland Snow mobile safari 'Ramzai Pass' Short safari 3 - 4 hours.
snowmobile kola peninsula murmansk region russian lapland Snow mobile safari 'Ramzai Pass' Difficulty of safari: Medium! Experience in snowmobile
driving is welcome!
snowmobile kola peninsula murmansk region russian lapland Snow mobile safari 'Ramzai Pass' Drive up to 743 meters into the Ramzai pass
snowmobile kola peninsula murmansk region russian lapland Snow mobile safari 'Ramzai Pass' Enjoy the winter wonder world of Kola Peninsula! Let yourself be surprised!

Snowmobile safari 'Ramzai Pass' (4 hours)

The rather difficult and unusual route goes over one of the main touristic tracks in Khibiny Tundra; the "Ramzai Pass". The Ramzai Pass is a beautiful pass, a deep rift with steep rocky walls and about 1 km long. From the pass, with beautiful views on the river valley "Malaya Belaya" and the biggest lake of the Kola named "Imandra". We drive back via the river valley to the highest part of Khibiny Tundra and make a stop at the West Petrelius Pass. In the valley of "Malaya Belaya" there is change to meet foxes, hares and ptarmigans. The route length of 40 km.

Remark: The tour program can be changed due to the weather conditions.

Snowmobile safari 'Ramzai Pass'

Snowmobile Safari Centre
  • Meeting at our snowmobile safari centre close to Snow village near Kirovsk.
  • Changing clothes. We provide you with a warm thermal overall, helmet, balaclava, warm boots and gloves. Your personal belongings what you don't need during the safari can be left safe in the safari centre.
  • Short snowmobile instructions.
  • Snowmobile safari in Khibiny Tundra.
  • Back to the safari centre. Changing clothes. Collecting you personal belongings.
  • Leaving the safari centre with an great experience richer.

Snowmobile safari 'Ramzai Pass'

Accommodation:Not applicable
Level:Some driving experience is preferable
Group size:From 2 person
Duration:3 - 4 hours
Dates: Daily, but on request.
Price: Prices are fixed, but on request. Please contact us.
Price includes:
  • Snowmobile rental including fuel, warm special clothing and shoes
  • Snowmobile instructions
  • Guide service
Documents: Le passeport doit être valide 6 mois après le retour. Un visa est requis. Consultez le consulat ou l'ambassade russe de votre pays pour plus de détails. Nous prenons soin de l'invitation.
Insurance: Le participant doit avoir une assurance maladie conforme aux normes européennes et reconnue dans la Fédération de Russie. Pour les voyageurs en voiture: L’assurance responsabilité civile automobile (dommages matériels uniquement) pour la conduite sur le territoire russe est obligatoire. Si votre assurance ne couvre pas la Fédération de Russie (vérifiez votre carte verte), nous pouvons vous fournir une assurance supplémentaire, moyennant des frais.

Additional information:

Dressing and instructions: Before driving, the participants select the necessary equipment - overalls, helmets, shoes etc. After that the participants goes outside and choose a snowmobile. The snowmobile guide/instructor explains the priciples about how to handle a snowmobile and let participants shortly speedup and brake.

After dressing and instructions, which can take about 30-50 minutes (depending of group size), the snowmobile safari starts. The participants drive in column formation behind the snowmobile guide/instructor and keep a distance between the snowmobile in front of minimal 15 meters. The snowmobile guide/instructor stops many times on interesting places so that you can make photographs.

Basic rules of snowmobiling:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is prohibited.
  • Overtaking other snowmobiles, driving off-track and not keeping distance between snowmobiles is not allowed.
  • Ruling a snowmobile under 16 years old is not permitted
  • Driving a snowmobile without a helmet is prohibited.
  • Chasing wildlife by snowmobile is expressly prohibited.
This Snowmobile safari starts at our safari centre close to Snow village near Kirovsk, which you can visit before or after the snowmobile safari. Interesting places in Kirovsk are:
  • La région de Kirovsk:
    • Excursion au musée minéralogique de Kirovsk
    • Excursion au Musée du Nord à Kirovsk
    • Excursion dans le jardin botanique du Nord près de Kirovsk
    • Ski alpin sur les meilleures pistes du nord-ouest de la Russie à Kirovsk
    • Ski de fond sur des pistes éclairées près de Kirovsk
    • Village des neiges près de Kirovsk
    • Safaris en motoneige dans la toundra de Khibiny

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