Train holiday: The Murmansk Express (13 days) Saint Petersburg – Murmansk with stops in beautiful cities Visit the pearls of NW Russia for indivials and groups
Train holiday: The Murmansk Express (13 days) Open air museum Kizhi Island Boat excursion from Petrozavodsk
Train holiday: The Murmansk Express (13 days) Solovetski Island in the White Sea Boat excursion from Kem (or Belomorsk)
Train holiday: The Murmansk Express (13 days) Murmansk city World’s biggest city above Polar Circle
Train holiday: The Murmansk Express (13 days) View on Murmansk city visit a real Atomic Icebreaker!
Train holiday: The Murmansk Express (13 days) Monchegorsk city on the shore of Imandra Lake the biggest lake on Kola Peninsula
Train holiday: The Murmansk Express (13 days) Kirovsk city on the foot of Khibiny Mountains
Train holiday: The Murmansk Express (13 days) Saint Petersburg "Venice of the North"

The Murmansk Express train holiday

A 12 days train holiday from "Venice of the North" - Saint Petersburg via Karelia to Murmansk, World's biggest city above Polar Circle. For the individual traveller!

Would you like to travel on your own through Northwest Russia, but don’t want to drive your own car? No problem. You can easily travel by train and bus with our invisible support!

The Murmansk Express departs from Saint Petersburg and steams via Karelia to Murmansk; the northern most biggest city above the Arctic circle on the Kola Peninsula. The journey is full of excursions and plenty of time to visit the interesting places like Kizhi and Solovetsky Monastery. At the end of the trip you will explore Saint Petersburg. Everything has been gathered for you by Kola Travel in our Murmansk Express package tour. With the support of Kola Travel your holiday in Northwest Russia will be pleasant and hassle-free; you will have the freedom of being without a guide, yet feel at ease in unfamiliar cities.

Please, pay attention the program is basic. In every location you can choose options (see Optional tab) what to do / visit. If you prefer to stay more amount of days in any city we will change the program according to your wishes.

The Murmansk Express train holiday itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Saint Petersburg by plane or by a tour taxi from Helsinki (6 hours). In evening leave for Petrozavodsk using train tickets provided by us. Overnight on the train. You will visit Saint Petersburg at the end of this journey.

Day 2: Arrive in Petrozavodsk in the morning. You can leave your luggage in a storage room of the railway station. Have a hike in the city. At the Excursion bureau in the harbour you collect the boat tickets. Board a boat to Kizhi Island for sightseeing there. Return to Petrozavodsk; visit museums and walk through the city as you wish. Depart for Kem in the evening. Night arrival in Kem. Transfer to a hotel in the harbor. Check-in. Overnight.

Day 3: Get ferry tickets to Solovetsky Islands at the reception. Leave for Solovetsky Islands at 08:00. Arrival in Solovetsky at 10:00. Explore the Island on your own or take guided excursions (Optional). Return by boat to Kem. Transfer to the railway station. Leave for Murmansk by the night train. Overnight in the train.

Day 4: Arrive in Murmansk; hotel check-in. Explore the city on your own or take Optional excursions with a personnel guide. We suggest you to visit the Regional Historical Museum, the Art Museum and the Folk Art Centre. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5: There are a number of interesting places to visit that are related to the sea and maritime culture. We suggest you to visit the highest point of Murmansk city - the Memorial of the Second World War "Alyosha" and to see the city from a bird's eye. Also it's interesting to see a harbour where atomic icebreakers can be. You can visit the first nuclear icebreaker "Lenin". Another places of interests include the Naval Museum and the Oceanarium (tickets can be reserved for this upon request). Overnight at the hotel.

Day 6: Start a journey by bus through the Kola Peninsula. Arrive in Monchegorsk before noon; check-in at hotel. Places to visit in Monchegorsk include the largest Orthodox Cathedral on the Kola Peninsula and the mineralogical museum. You may also take a short yacht-trip around Imandra Lake with its multitude of islands. For dinner there is an excellent small restaurant close to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 7: Continue by bus to Kirovsk in the Khibiny Mountains; hotel check-in. The town has an interesting Museum of History. The hotel serves good meals for reasonable prices. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8: You can visit the Botanical Garden located close to Kirovsk (ask a receptionist to call a taxi for you). Apatity city is located 15 km far from Kirovsk. You can take a taxi to reach it (RUR 300) or use a public bus. Apatity has an interesting Museum of the European North of Russia as well as Museum of Colored Stones; shop "Salma" sells Northern souvenirs made of wood, stone, horns and beautiful paintings made of stone crumbs. In the evening leave by train for Saint Petersburg. Overnight in the train.

Day 9: Arrive in Saint Petersburg at Ladozhsky railway station in the evening; meeting by a car from a hotel; transfer to the hotel; check-in. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 10: You can explore the city on your own or take a guided excursion. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 11: You can explore the city on your own or take a guided excursion. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 12: Departure. Transfer to airport. Or you can take a tour taxi to drive to Helsinki (6 hours).

The Murmansk Express train holiday details

  • Saint Petersburg: Peter-and-Paul fortress
  • Saint Petersburg: Petergof Palace and Park
  • Saint Petersburg: Folklore program incl. traditional Russian snacks
  • Petrozavodsk: Kizhi Island
  • Kem: Solovetsky Islands
  • Murmansk: Sea animal show in Oceanarium.
  • Murmansk: The first nuclear icebreaker "Lenin".
  • Murmansk: Historical Museum in Murmansk
  • Murmansk: Naval Museum of the Northern Fleet
  • Monchegorsk: Museum of Coloured Stones
  • Monchegorsk: Yacht cruise on Imandra lake
  • Monchegorsk: Kayaking on Imandra Lake
  • Monchegorsk: Bicycling in Monchegorsk’s suburbs
  • Monchegorsk: Hiking in Monchatundra mountains
  • Kirovsk: off-road tour to Khibiny mountains
  • Kirovsk: Polar Botanical Garden
  • Apatity: Museum of the European North of Russia
  • Apatity: Museum of Colored Stones
  • Apatity: Salma Shop of Souveniers
  • 1 night in twin room in standard class hotel in Kem
  • 2 nights in twin room in economy class hotel in Murmansk
  • 1 night in twin room in tourist class hotel in Monchegorsk
  • 1 in twin room in tourist class hotel in Kirovsk
  • 3 nights in twin room in a mini hotel in Saint Petersburg
  • 3 nights in 4p-coupe of train
Level:not applicable.
Group size:From 1 person
Duration:12 days (11 nights)
Dates: On request from beginning of May until end of September.
Price: Prices on request.
Price includes:
  • Mentioned accommodation
  • two way ferry ticket to Kizhi Island
  • entrance ticket to Kizhi Island
  • two way ferry ticket to Solovetskie Island
  • train ticket from Saint Petersburg to Petrozavodsk in 4p-coupe
  • train ticket from Petrozavodsk to Kem in 4p-coupe
  • train ticket from Kem to Murmansk in 4p-coupe
  • train ticket from Apatity to Saint Petersburg in 4p-coupe
  • taxi transfers from railway station Kem to Hotel "Prichal" in harbour (20 km) and back
  • meeting by a car at Ladozhsky railway station and transfer to a hotel
  • transfer to an airport from a hotel in Saint-Petersburg
Documents: Le passeport doit être valide 6 mois après le retour. Un visa est requis. Consultez le consulat ou l'ambassade russe de votre pays pour plus de détails. Nous prenons soin de l'invitation.
Insurance: Le participant doit avoir une assurance maladie conforme aux normes européennes et reconnue dans la Fédération de Russie. Pour les voyageurs en voiture: L’assurance responsabilité civile automobile (dommages matériels uniquement) pour la conduite sur le territoire russe est obligatoire. Si votre assurance ne couvre pas la Fédération de Russie (vérifiez votre carte verte), nous pouvons vous fournir une assurance supplémentaire, moyennant des frais.
The Murmansk Express train holiday can be extended with the following optionals:
  • Petrozavodsk:
    • Trip to Zoo Complex located 70 km far from Petrozavodsk.
    • Trip to Kinerma village with excursion and lunch located 100 km far from Petrozavodsk.
    • Combination of trips Zoo Complex and Kinerma Village in a round drive. A taxi picks you up from Petrozavodsk, waits at the places and brings you back to Petrozavodsk.
    • Local guide-interpreter.
    • Entrance fees to Museums in Petrozavodsk will be between 5 and 10 euros per person.
    • Boat excursion to Kizhi Open Air Museum.
  • Kizhi Open Air Museum:
    • Two-way boat tickets in Kizhi Island.
    • English speaking guide in Kizhi Island.
    • Audio guide on Kizhi Island: EUR 4,-- per person
    • See link above for more info.
  • Solovetsky islands:
    • Two-way boat tickets
    • Entrance tickets to expositions. Price to exhibitions approx. EUR 3 to 5 per person.
    • Guided excursions for groups from 10 persons: from EUR 8 to 18 per person
    • Extra overnights in hotel: approx. EUR 51 per person per night in twin room or approx. EUR 85 in single room
    • See link above for more info
  • La région de Kirovsk:
    • Excursion au musée minéralogique de Kirovsk
    • Excursion au Musée du Nord à Kirovsk
    • Excursion dans le jardin botanique du Nord près de Kirovsk
    • Ski alpin sur les meilleures pistes du nord-ouest de la Russie à Kirovsk
    • Ski de fond sur des pistes éclairées près de Kirovsk
    • Village des neiges près de Kirovsk
    • Safaris en motoneige dans la toundra de Khibiny
  • What to see in Murmansk:
    • The city has a Regional Historical Museum, where you can listen to an excursion in English language. The museum includes historical, mineralogical, nature, cultural and other exhibitions.
    • You can visit the Picture-museum; exhibitions of different painters or the Sport Museum where you will know about the famous sportsmen and a story of the development of the Northern sports.
    • In the Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO) you will meet the fascinating world of the dwellers of the sea bottom.
    • The Museum of Northern Navy will show you different models of military ships and submarines, uniforms of the Russian navy military and many other things connected to Northern Russian Navy.
    • Nuclear Icebreaker "Lenin". Watch Worlds first nuclear icebreaker in the passenger harbour. Everyday free excursion on board. See Murmansk by the Captains eye from the bridge, the cabins and engine room.
    • Regional Centre of Folk Arts may interest you in the special for Russia kind of handicraft.
    • You can visit Russian Orthodox Temples and enjoy listening to a nice church choir.
    • You will see the enormous Memorial of a Warrior named by citizens 'Alyosha' which dominates above the city like a huge tower.
    • Memorial of the sunken submarine Kursk. It sunk the 12th August 2000, all 118 Seamen died. The Kursk memorial you can find on the territory of the Memorial Complex to the Soldiers and Seamen Who Died in Peaceful Time.
    • You can have a walk in the shining with lights city in Winter time, or under the never setting sun in Summer.
    • And at night you can have dinner in a restaurant with a nice variety show.
  • Ville et région de Mourmansk:
    • Les billets pour les musées et les excursions dans les musées coûtent entre 25 et 400 roubles par personne
    • Billet d'entrée au brise – glace atomique pour participer à une excursion en langue russe : RUR 150 pp. Une excursion individuelle au brise – glace atomique avec une conférence en anglais peut être organisée
    • Excursions dans la ville des héros de Mourmansk
    • Trip à la colonie Saami
    • Trip au bord de la mer de Barents
    • Trip à la ferme Husky
    • Trip au village de Lovozero ; capitale des Saami
  • Saint Petersburg:
    • Folklore program in Nikolaevsky Palace "Feel yourself Russian" inclusive traditional Russian snacks.
    • Guided hiking excursions in St-Petersburg, 3 hours.
    • Guided hiking and driving excursion in St-Petersburg, 3 hours.
    • 7 hour excursion to Tsarskoe Selo/Pushkin and Ekaterina Palace.
    • 7 hour excursion to Peterhof by hydrofoil “Meteor".
    • Entrance tickets for Hermitage: approx. EUR 18 per person.
    • Local guide-interpreter.

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