sortavala, valaam, map of Valaam, excursion, petrozavodsk Excursions to Valaam Guided excursion including boat tickets
sortavala, valaam, map of Valaam, excursion, petrozavodsk Excursions to Valaam main monastery.
sortavala, valaam, map of Valaam, excursion, petrozavodsk Excursions to Valaam inside square of monastery.
sortavala, valaam, map of Valaam, excursion, petrozavodsk Excursions to Valaam church tower.
sortavala, valaam, map of Valaam, excursion, petrozavodsk Excursions to Valaam the famous choir.

Excursions to Valaam

Valaam, also known historically by the Finnish name Valamo, is an archipelago in the northern portion of Lake Ladoga. The total area of its more than 50 islands is 36 km². The largest island is also called Valaam. It is best known as the site of the 14th century Valaam Monastery and for its natural beauty. In 1917, Valaam became a part of newly independent Finland, but it was acquired by the USSR after the Winter War. The name of the island is from the Finno-Ugric word valamo, which means the high, mountain, ground.

The island is permanently inhabited by monks and families. In 1999, there were about 600 residents on the main island; including army service personnel, restoration workers, guides and monks. There is a kindergarten, an arts and sports venue, a school and a medical centre.

Valaam is also a unique park!

There are more than 480 species of the plants growing on the island, many of which have been cultivated by monks. The island is covered by coniferous woods, about 65% of which are pine.

One day visit to Kizhi Island

From Petrozavodsk is also possible, a transfer by car to Sortavala will be added to the excursion.

Daily hydrofoil boats depart from St. Petersburg, Priozersk and Sortavala to Valaam Island. Even from Petrozavodsk is also possible, a transfer by car to Sortavala will be added to the excursion. All excusions on Valaam Island have to be reserved on beforehand.

An overview of excursions you will find below. If you like to spend more time for excursions then we offer you the possibility to stay overnight in a guesthouse and continue to other day(s).

“The central estate of the Valaam Monastery and Nikolsky skete”

The guided hiking excursion to the central estate of the Valaam Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery starts and ends directly from the pier. On the route you will see the wide staircase of 62 steps, built in the middle of the last century, to the top of mountain Favor. From there a beautiful view of the famous monastery garden opens up. The route leads further to the marble Chapel of the Sign to the Holy Gates of the monastery. Via the Holy Gate you enter to the central estate of the Monastery with the main functioning church - the majestic Transfiguration Cathedral, where the relics of the holy founders of the monastery rest.

During the excursion you will see also the Assumption Refectory Church - the oldest surviving on Valaam, the Church of the Valaam Icon of the Mother of God, the cell buildings and outbuildings of the monastery. A lunch is offered in a monastery canteen in the central estate of the monastery. In the souvenir shop you can buy something from the products of the monastery crafts.

After lunch the excursion continues by foot to the small and secluded monastery “Nikolsky skit”. The newly restored church in the name of St. Nicholas "the Wonderworker", a snow-white cell building, the apple orchard, the massive granite worship cross and the small shack of the former monastery customs harmonize architecture and landscape into a unique elegance.

Group size:From 1 person
Level:Not applicable.
Duration:5-6 hours
Dates: From beginning of June until end of September. Other weeks on request.
Price: Prices are depending on group size and rouble exchange rate. Please contact us for an up-to-date proposal.
Price includes:
  • Boat transfers from harbour to Valaam Island and back.
  • 1 hiking excursion with a guide in the Central Monastery.
  • Lunch.

Excursion “The Kizhi villages”

We will take a stroll along Kizhi villages: Yamka and Vasilyevo known from documents of the middle of the XVI century. We will see the largest and most beautiful island wooden house, entirely covered with thread; Chapel of the Assumption, which appeared on the island before the famous temples. We will get acquainted with the peasant life of the past as well as the nowadays life of Zaonezhskaya villages, visit the 19th century house in the Yamka village. We will climb the mountain Naryina - the highest point of the island, which is considered to be the ancient "place of power" and where now there is the Chapel of The Saviour. After the tour you can continue to explore the Kizhi architectural ensemble and visit the Church of Intercession.
Duration of the excursion: 2 hours 15 minutes.
This excursion is recommended after “The Masterpieces of Kizhi Island” excursion.

Bus excursion “Sacrament of restoration”

Restoration work of the unprecedented complexity is carried out in of the Church of Transfiguration. The temple has been posted on lifting structures: it is literally "hanging" in the air. And how to make the restoration of the wood? The excursion to the Carpenter Centre, which is usually closed to visitors, will open the invisible process. It turns out to be important not just to restore the monument, but also maximally to reproduce the old technology of building. You will see it with your own eyes during the tour.
Duration of the excursion: 45 min.

Bicycle Excursion “Secrets of Kizhi” with audioguide

You are going to cross almost the whole Island from South to North by bicycle. You will be able to visit places which are reached by tourists rarely. You will stop at the worship cross from the village Hashezero, will climb to the Narina hill where the chapel of the Saviour now stands, will reach the northern part of the Island which will introduce you to the culture of Pudozh forest area. You will see houses of Pudozhsky peasants. On the route you will discover a range of expressive view points from which Kizhi temples, villages, nearby islands appear in a completely new light.
Duration of the excursion: 3 hours.

Excursion “Harbour of Kizhi”

The museum harbor presents various historical boats - from ancient gouged vessels to the famous “kizhanki”. You will learn about the secrets of boat makers, which passed down from generation to generation and you will see the boat sewing process, which has been restored thanks to laborious researches. The craftsmen use only the traditional tools and materials. The museum harbor will help to understand better the world outlook of the inhabitants of Zaonezhye where the waterways were the main highways, and boats - the most important means of transport. You will visit the exhibition "The People's shipbuilding and shipping" in the house of a peasant Sergeyev, and boat workshop, and the forge of the Suysar village.
Duration of the excursion: 45 min.

Excursion “Meeting craftsmen”

Would you like to weave a rug by own hands, or to forge a nail, or to spin thread? Under the guidance of our masters you will learn old crafts Karelian peasants. Please, make your choice to have a master-class: Blacksmithing skill, or weaving, or spinning.
Duration of the excursion: 45 min.

Excursion “Villages of Kizhi Island”

You will make a fascinating ride in the cart to the central part of the island, where the old Kizhi villages Yamka and Vasilyevo are situated and will meet local inhabitants.
Duration of the excursion: 30 min.

Excursion “Kizhi for one day”

The program allows you to see almost all the sights and beauties of the island moving by carriage around the island within one day. First we will do a hiking part of the tour to visit the main exposition and then we continue exploring the historical villages and objects in the carriage pulled by horses. During the tour, we will visit Kizhi architectural ensemble, will watch a homestead of Karelian peasant Yakovlev, will listen songs of a folk ensemble, will see old villages, Restoration Workshops and other places of interests. We will see a lot of things which usually is possible to see for three or four visits.
Duration of the excursion: 3 hours.

Longer stays on Kizhi Island

If you like to stay longer on Kizhi Island for sightseeing or taking part on excursions, why not to stay the night on this unique archipelago in a cosy guesthouse. At a agreed time a ferrymen picks you up and bring you to a guesthouse located in the neighbour island (1 km). Dinner and banya (Russian sauna).

The next day after breakfast you will be brought to the main Kizhi Island and you can continue sight-seeing. At the end of the afternoon you can take the hydrofoil boat back to Petrozavodsk or stay another night at the guesthouse.

When you are in Saint Petersburg and have some time, just jump on the night train to Petrozavodsk, visit Kizhi Island one or two days and travel bck by night train to Saint Petersburg. Travel while sleeping!

We can make this short cruise by train and hydrofoil fit to everyone's itinerary.
Just contact us.

Guided excursions overview

Guided excursions overview